Posted by: Halloween | February 6, 2008

Truques Sujos

Descobri um post bastante interessante noutro blog; Mark Green, um correspondente do American Free Press Newspaper avisa o mundo sobre os truques-sujos que a coligação USA-Israel andam a fazer às escondidas.

Citando o próprio:

A single undersea fiber-optic cable carrying internet traffic accidentally being cut once in a year’s time is believable. 5 of them however within the span of only a few days resulting in most of the Middle East being left in the informational dark ages cannot be mere happenstance. The odds are too extreme to even contemplate it being anything but a deliberate act of sabotage, and particularly when Israel and US-occupied Iraq happen to be unaffected by it.

As of the moment of this writing, 5 internet cables–buried deep beneath the ocean floor to prevent them being accidentally dredged up by a ships’ anchor–have been cut, preventing most of the Middle East from internet access. The cables provide 90% of the region’s internet service and the countries affected most by this are Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran. They have since re-routed to older, slower lines and satellites, but overall internet service is slow and in some cases–particularly Iran, there is no internet service whatsoever.”


As noted earlier, almost as if by some magical coincidence Israel and US-occupied Iraq have not been affected while these other nations are scrambling to get the lights turned back on, something adding even more reason for raised eyebrows amongst skeptical people. And those suspecting foul play have good reason for doing so. Besides the fact that 5 undersea cables are cut within the span of only a few days, there are strategic reasons for ‘interested parties’ to want to see such an event take place. The countries most affected are all major players in the current goings-on in the Middle East where the US and the Jewish state are up to their eyeballs in skullduggery.


(…) “In short, the deliberate cutting of the internet cables can easily be seen as a shot across the bow by the US/Israeli hydra, a form of low-intensity/covert warfare aimed at destabilizing them and making things uncomfortable, as well as reminding them that if they don’t play ball according to the dictates of the New World Order that ‘accidents’ can happen.”



Recomendo vivamente a leitura do artigo completo aqui. Isto para mim, resume-se a uma coisa apenas: filha-da-putice.

Mais do mesmo, por quem não nos tem habituado a outra coisa…

PS: Thanks for putting the word out, Mark



  1. Tá lido.
    Esperemos que tenho sido alguém a fazer uma valente duma merda… em vez de terrorismo da dupla USA/Israel

  2. You alive?

    Or you’re not you and you dead?

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